The cooking Oils Market is dominated by various brands of Refined Oils that are manufactured through intensive mechanical & chemical process. These Oils are Toxic & consuming is linked to many diseases like diabetes, cancer, heart diseases etc. 

Why Cold Pressed Oils healthiest than Refined Oils: Our ancestors lived a long & healthy life by using Cold Pressed Oils which gave them Stamina, Strength & ImmunityOil Seeds are crushed slowly to extract Oil in Traditional Wood Machine and no heat is generated during the Oil extraction. 

This natural & slow process helps in retaining all Biological & Medicinal Properties, Nutrients & Flavours intact. These Oils retain Antioxidants, Healthy Fats, Omega Fatty Acids & are rich in Vitamin-E, which have Anti-inflammatory Properties & Oleic acid, which boosts our Immunity.

Please read our complete article blog on "How Refined Oils are Dangerous to our Health" at this link
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