Sesame Nuts & Sesame Oil Benefits

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Benefits & Remedies of Sesame Nuts, Sesame Oil as per Ayurveda & Modern Science.

Botanical Name of Sesame:  Sesamum indicum L.  & Ayurvedic Name of Sesame: Tila

Note: Sesame Oil has lot of Medicinal & Therapeutic Values and these are available 100% in Cold Pressed Sesame Oil Only


As per, Sesame is one of the most widely used in Ayurvedic Medicines. Almost 40% of Ayurvedic Formulations are using Sesame in Ayurveda Medicines. That much great importance is given to Sesame in Ayurveda. Sesame is used externally, internally, orally, over the eyes, nasally, rectally etc.

Sesame oil Composition: rich in vitamin E, natural antioxidant, vitamin K, magnesium, copper, calcium, iron, zinc and vitamin B6. Properties of sesame: it is sweet, accompanying with astringent taste , hot in potency, can penetrate through the subtle channels of the body.

Sesame Oil is best of all Oils as per Ayurveda. 90% of the herbal Oils of Ayurveda are prepared with Sesame Oil Base.  And Sesame Oil contains enough Phyto-Nutrients to promote hair qualities.

Sesame ( til ) - An essential diet ingredient (Reference:

One of the most essential food ingredient in our daily routine is oil. And Ayurveda  describes sesame  oil (til tail) as one of most useful eatables, best among all for routine use, both internally and externally. Sesame is also a main ingredient in most of the Ayurvedic medicines.

According to Acharya Charak , no other thing is equivalent to sesame in healing vatic disorders. So its routine intake will surely help in preventing vatic disorders.
In the ancient time, kings of demons by virtue of this oil overcame ageing, got rid of diseases as well as fatigue, acquired great strength instantaneously and fought battles successfully.

Types and qualities of Sesame:
According to Bhavaprakash (text of ayurveda): The black sesame seeds are the best, white is of medium quality and rest sesame seeds including red are of inferior quality. Synonyms of sesame: til, ellu, tara, gumbulu etc… Useful parts: seed, oil and whole plant in some ayurvedic preparations. Sesame oil composition: rich in vitamin E, natural antioxidant, vitamin K, magnesium, copper, calcium, iron, zinc and vitamin B6. Properties of sesame: it is sweet, accompanying with astringent taste , hot in potency, can penetrate through the subtle channels of the body.

Sesame seeds & Oil benefits according to Ayurveda:
  • It is best for improving strength and imparting oiliness to the body.
  • It is good for teeth.
  • It improves digestive power
  • Improves intelligence and memory.
  • It cleanses wounds
  • It is good for hair and excellent skin moisturizer as it contains vitamin E
  • It calms vata and kapha and slightly increases pitta.
  • It is an excellent laxative.
  • It is safe to massage infants and children
  • It helps to strengthen the bones, muscles and joints as it contains rich amount of calcium.
  • It has anti ageing and rejuvenating properties.
  • It has also aphrodisiac properties and improves vigor.
  • It clears and cleanses body channels.
  • It improves overall strength and immunity.

Side effects:
Excessive consumption of sesame oil causes hiccough and difficulty in breathing and also it should be avoided during pregnancy, lactation period, menorrhagia, metrorrhagia.

Research shows that:

  • It has antioxidant, ant inflammatory, antibacterial properties that makes them fight against bacterial infections.
  • It also produces detoxifying effect which will keep skin warm and fresh. It is very effective in repairing damaged cells and improves blood circulation.
  • As it prevents the skin cells from oxidation and improves rejuvenation and thus slows down ageing process of the skin.
  • It maintains good cholesterol and lowers bad cholesterol.
  • Useful remedies using sesame
  • Tooth ache, gingivitis, tingling of teeth, week teeth :
  • Water mixed with sesame seed paste can be kept for 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Oil is used for oil pulling specially in mouth ulcers.
  • Chewing of sesame seeds.
  • It is best to prevent the excessive dryness of skin, it controls dry scalp and kills dandruff.
  • It protects the skin from the effects of chlorine in swimming pool water.
  • It is beneficial in reducing swelling of hemorrhoids
  • It calms down burns.
  • As an hair oil for children to kill lice infestations.
  • Sesame oil as nasal drop is effective in chronic sinusitis.
  • It controls vaginal yeast infections and also useful in primary amenorrhea.
  • With sesame oil no cosmetics are needed as it is a natural UV protector, perfect moisturizer, night cream causing young facial skin and display natural good health.
  • It is traditionally applied over wounds for healing.
  • It should be specially included in diet during fractures, muscle tear and osteoporosis.
  • Mixture of sesame oil, vidanga , sugar cane juice and cow dung is sprinkled to the root of a plant. This practice enables flowering of the plant in all the seasons.(ref: vrikshayurveda)

Summary: As sesame oil has wide properties to benefit the health, it must be included in the daily routine both externally and internally as cooking oil, thus taking initial step towards the natural health of the body and so the mind.


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