Mangoes expensive this year due to Delayed Crop, Climate Change & Severe Pest Attack. 
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Himayat (Imam Pasand)
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Our Mangoes "Naturally Ripened" & "Free from Carbide, Chemicals, Pesticides"& "Safe-To-Eat" & "Grown Organically".
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Our Entire Natural Mango Process Video

Why our Mangoes are IndigenousSpecial & Sweet?

Chemical-Free Mango Farming

Our Mango Farms are cultivated Naturally & Organically without using any Agro-Chemicals, Pesticides.

Right Time Harvest

We cut Mangoes on Right Time after right Maturity of Mangoes

Carbide-Free & Naturally Ripen

Our Mangoes are Naturally Ripen with Hay (Dry Grass).  We don't use Carbide or any artificial Ripeners.

Sweet Mangoes

With our Traditional Practices, our Mangoes rich in Aroma, Sweet & Delicious.


Sendriya Farmz addressing & solving Challenges & Problems facing by the 

Vegetable Farmers & Vegetable Consumers with New Aged Technologies

Vegetable Farmer Problems?
Farmers are in stress due to losses on production, middlemen system, expensive chemical farming and lack of Market & Technology.

Loss on Production

Farmers are in deep stress for not getting Fair & Profitable Price for their PRODUCE.

Middlemen System

Dangerously, there are 5 to 7 Layers of Middlemen (Resellers) between Farmers & end Consumers.

Chemical Farming

Less yield to Farmers & Human Health Deteriorates as Indian Vegetables' Nutritional Values dropped 30% as Indian SOILS Degraded due to extensive Chemical Farming & lack of Sustainable & Organic Farming Practices.

No Technology & Market  

Lack of Technology to know Market Demand & Production Planning.

 No Direct Market Linkage to connect Consumers.

Vegetable Consumer Problems?

Human health in danger as our Vegetables' Nutritional Values dropped by 30% due to Chemical Farming Practices.   Veggies changes 4 to 5 middlemen hands before reach to our Kitchen.  Farmers are also using lot of Chemicals to control pests, growth etc.

3 to 4 days Delay

Vegetables reaching to end Consumer after 3rd or 4th Day of Farm Cut, due to Multi-Layers of Middlemen between Farmer & Consumer.

By that time Veggies losing Freshness & Nutrients.

Human Health Deterioration

Public Health in Danger as Vegetables are highly loaded with Agro-Chemicals.  

 Farmers are extensively using Chemical Pesticides & Fertilizers.

Unhygienic & Bad Veggies 

Available Veggies are unhygienic with bad quality before it reaches to end use, due to multiple times of Loading & Unloading by Middlemen in supply chain. 

Unaffordable Organic

Organic Veggies are unaffordable to common people & inaccessible to buy whenever we want.

We are Farmers Cluster not Traders
Our Solution to FARMERS, with Technology led Farmer Cluster 

Farmer Cluster Formation

Vegetable Farmers Cluster Creation with group of  Farmers at Village Level to produce Vegetables Naturally & Organically without using any Chemicals. 

AI & IoT Led Technology

Smartphone Assisted Online Crop Diagnosis for Pest, Disease or Nutrient Deficiency Problems by using Algorithms through Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Data Science Technologies. 

Mobile App to Farmers, Crop Diagnosis on WhatsApp.  Demand Prediction & Production through Data Analysis. 

Crop stage wise monitoring & alerts to Farmer

Seed to Sell Support

Supply of High Quality Seeds, Organic Inputs (Soil Enrichers, Plant Protectors & Growth Promotors), Post Harvest Support to Cluster Farmers. 

Collection & Processing Center, Direct Marketplace to connect Consumers (No Middlemen System)

Benefits to Farmers

100% Buyback Guarantee of Produce

Up to 90% Profit on Production Cost

Up to 50% Save on Production Cost

Up to 3 Times Farm Income Hike

Our Solutions to Consumers, Farm-2-Home Vegetables


Vegetables reach to end Consumers from Farm-2-Home in less than 16 Hours after Harvest (Farm Cut)

Farm Fresh Supply to your Home

Safe-2-Eat Veggies

 Vegetables are grown Naturally Organically without using any Chemicals & pesticides  

with PGS India Organic Certified.

Rich in Taste, Nutrients & Nutraceuticals

Freshness retained with Cold Chain transport.

Blockchain Enabled Veggies 

Hygienic & Quality with Blockchain Tech Enabled for Proof of Origin, Transparency & Traceability of Farmers & Farms, Food Trust (Scan through QR). 

Vegetables are scientifically Collected, Highly Graded, Cleaned & Processed for ready to use (no cleaning required).  No sand in Leafy-Vegetables.  

Affordable & Accessible

Vegetables are affordable on par with market rate, though they are Certified Pesticides-Free.

Veggies are continuously accessible & available to buy through Online & Offline Stores .                                                           

Founder Mr. Showri with Farmers


'Sendriya Farmz' is a Social Entrepreneur Startup recognized by MANAGE, Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India and a Farmers Cluster Group in Zaheerabad & Warangal with Registered Office in Hyderabad, Telangana State, INDIA.

for Healthy Society:  Sendriya Farmz founded by 'Mr. Showri, Organic Farmer' with an aim to protect Public Health & provide True, Pure & Holistic  Agri Produce Food to the Society.  Our Agri produce is Chemical-Free, Organic & Naturally grown without using any Chemicals, Pesticides & Preservatives

for Farmers, Soils & Environment:  We came into existence to make Farming Profitable, Sustainable for the Farmers and to protect Soils & Environment from Chemical Farming.




Showri Jojappa M


Mr. Showri worked 12 Years in in GVK Corporate Company. He is deep passionate about Organic Farming. He has become Social Entrepreneur in Agriculture to benefit Farmers & Consumers.

Madhukar Reddy P


Madhukar is an MCA Post-Graduate, worked as India Agri Fellow with Govt. of Andhra Pradesh in association with Mindtree Foundation, Bangalore.

Our Agri-Startup 'Sendriya Farmz' Launched by MANAGE, Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India on 6th Oct, 2021.

Why Sendriya Farmz?
The present era, though it is technically developing and modernizing in many aspects to ease our life, but practically fails to attain Overall Health and Happiness.  As we observe so many diseases occurring even in early phase of our lives.

These diseases will not occur all of a sudden and are mainly caused by Chemical Farming by Farmers, Lack of True Foods & Food Adulteration etc and improper life style .

Basic requirements to maintain Our Health is not apparently good medication but the hygienic, True & Nutritious food, but unfortunately these are contaminated, polluted in one or the other way. Thus making us sick and rush to the hospitals often and often but not merely attaining the Complete Health.

Why Sendriya Farmz came into Existence?
Sendriya Farmz wants to give Food as your Medicine to get Overall Health & Happiness.

Sendriya Farmz for end Consumers:
to provide Chemical Free Vegetables & Fruits grown Naturally & Organically without any hazardous Chemical direct from our Farmer Clusters

Sendriya Farmz for Farmers:
Chemical-Free Farming Technology 
Profitable buy back of Farmers Produce
Farmer Clusters Formation

In The News

Founder Talk in HMTV Agri Telugu TV

Stay Tuned for Mango Farm Live Video Updates

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